RHODUNA® PT ONE is unique in our product portfolio in many ways. Like its big brother RHODUNA® PT, the ONE variant is an economical alternative for pure rhodium. However, with the difference that RHODUNA® PT ONE is designed for small scale and the metal content is reduced to one gram per liter. This allows extremely economical rhodium plating starting with the first liter of electrolyte - and with almost constant layer properties. Additional benefits include easy handling thanks to a simple work area and the reduction of the necessary components to an absolute minimum - apart from the initial concentrate, only water is required for electrolyte makeup.

A RHODUNA® PT ONE layer consists of 20% rhodium and 80% platinum. Nevertheless, the high-quality alloy cannot be distinguished from that of a pure rhodium electrolyte, even with a trained eye. Due to the high social value of platinum, your product simultaneously gains psychological value and its price acceptance increases significantly - conversely, for you as a producer, a coating with RHODUNA® PT ONE is far more attractive in terms of price than one with a pure rhodium electrolyte.

Electrolyte characteristics:

Electrolyte type
Strongly acidic
Metal content
0.3 g/l Rh, 0.7 g/l Pt
pH value
< 1
Operating temperature
45 (40 - 50) °C
Current density range
3.0 (2.0 - 5.0) A/dm² /// In case the layer is not white enough, just increase the current density (voltage)
Plating speed
approx. 0.05 μm/min approx. 3.5 A/dm²
Anode material
Pt/Ti MMO 187SO

Coating characteristics:

Alloy composition
20 % Rh, 80 % Pt
Colour of deposit
Hardness of deposit
approx. 600 HV
Density of the coating
approx. 18.7 g/cm³


  • White and bright rhodium-platinum coatings
  • Uniform layer thickness
  • Crack-free up to 0,3 μm
  • Wide current density range
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy handling
  • Less expensive than pure rhodium layers
  • Good throwing power and minor porosity 
  • Good covering speed
  • Suitable for rack plating

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Writing implements
  • Spectacle frames
  • Bathroom fitting